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Episode 1, Season 1

Les Stein via Facebook comments (for question): One thing I’m curious about is Citizen’s Arrests. We know there are corrupt criminals in the WH, why can’t we serve them with citizen’s arrest and get them out of there? Fla. Stat. 812.015

DC Code – § 23–582

DC Code – § 23–581

U S v Lima.pdf (DC)

Ripley v State

Phoenix v State

Johnson v Barnes And Noble Booksellers Inc

Fla. Stat. 901.15

Episode 2, Season 1

 Meredith Stark via FB dm: Do we have a constitutional right to vote?  11-5-17 Const Right to Vote

Episode 3, Season1

 Sealed indictments?  What?  Why? (via various)  manafort indictment’

Fifth Amendment documents & events

Doc 3 Order on Motion to Seal

Doc 5 Motion to Unseal

doc 2 Mtn to s

District of Columbia live database-Case Summary for 1-17-cr-201



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